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About CanadaCoffeeClub.com

CanadaCoffeeClub.com started in 1999 when several of us met for coffee to share information and support each other while emigrating from South Africa to Canada. When I couldn't keep up with the many emails that arrived in my inbox, I flung everything I knew on a website to share it more easily.

Several gatherings were held in Cape Town, London (UK), Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. We had an active message board at the time (no social media back then!) and through this board, friendships and business connections were made, knowledge and advice was circulated and many of us going through the rollercoaster of emigrating (and immigrating) simply did not feel quite so alone in the whole drawn-out process.

As I expected and hoped, many moved on once they landed in Canada, fitting into the amazing lifestyle Canada has to offer. In our case, a few became like family and we are close to this day.

For years I've answered emails and made phone calls to chat with those in South Africa who have contacted me. I have shown people around the North Shore of Metro Vancouver when they were on exploratory visits, simple stuff like where the schools are, what different neighbourhoods look like, which supermarkets I use... you get the idea... and, where possible, I've put people in contact with others in their fields of expertise. I generally just hoped to make their moves easier.

How it works

My advice has always been: if you are planning to move to Canada, take an LSD (Look, See and Decide) trip here first! However, since many people just can't do that, the aim of CanadaCoffeeClub.com has always been to help out by sharing personal experiences and helpful info.

I am not a qualified immigration consultant, but I know what it's like to make the move and am happy to answer questions about living here. If I don't have a ready answer, I can either find it or make suggestions as to how you can find it. I can recommend an immigration lawyer in Vancouver whom I first used when sponsoring my mom, and has since helped others I've referred. 

You can contact me by email using the form below. I will set up a time to call you at a time convenient to you, usually in the evening (your time) since we are 10 hours behind South Africa. Payment for a one hour call can be made by credit card via PayPal. The cost per session is CAD$75, and will usually include at least one follow-up email from me, possibly with more information you need.

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